Monday, July 6, 2015

First Anniversary, Marriage Equality, and Preparing for Medical School!

The past few weeks have been such a blessing for my family.  Not only have we celebrated our first anniversary.  We have also celebrated the Supreme Court decision that will help to enshrine the same rights and privileges for us as other couples.  It has been a time of great excitement for some and political angst for others.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum of legalized same-sex marriage.  I want you to know that these rulings are going to effect many people positively.  Not only in regards to legal benefits for same-sex couple and their children.  But also the dignity of being treated equally under the law.

One of my greatest hopes is that all people no matter their romantic orientation will grow up with the hope of a family.  That in the future, laws that allow for the discrimination of others will fade away and be replaced with equal treatment for all.  I hope that in the future, children like myself won't grow up with the shame and fear of how they feel.  That they will see how good life can be.  I hope that they will grow up without the pressure to lie to others about who they are.

This summer before I enter medical school I have had the privilege of working with kids who have been abused and severely mistreated by their parents and guardians.  Working with them each day I have been able to see the child who wants to be safe, who wants a better life but doesn't know where to find it.  I have seen the process of healing and hope work in their lives.  This I hope I can help facilitate for others.  Although I am still not sure what my future holds completely.  I can see myself working with children and young adults in my future profession.  The defenseless and the forgotten.  I hope I can make a difference in at least a few of their lives.  Progress does not come without effort.  Although their have been victories there is still a tough battle ahead.  Each day I see hope for a more just and equitable world.  A world where the least will be considered as much as the greatest.

I look forward with an excitement to the future and a promise of a better tomorrow.

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