Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Late Transgender Day of Remembrance Post

Hello Everyone,

      I have been incredibly busy with school recently and I just now found the time to write another blog post.  This post is kind of my tribute to all my transgender friends.  Nowhere else have I seen such strong and courageous people.  You all are a beacon of light to me.  You amaze me with your example of how to live a life that is authentic to your God given identity.  More and more society is realizing the falsehood of the gender binary.  Science has already discovered that just as sexuality is on a continuum, gender too is not on polar ends of male and female.  Sexuality and gender are not determined based on the genitalia a person is born with.  Gender and Sexuality come from the mind and reach out from the deepest and most human parts of ourselves.  Those parts I believe are the most eternal.  They color our perceptions and truly help us to become entwined with the identity of the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, hopefully into the eternities.

      These identities should not be repressed or held back.  Everyone was meant to be here, everyone is a beautiful and wonderful child of God who has unique and incredible attributes to share.  Every single person has the ability to truly make this world a better place.  I truly believe God is filled with joy as we express ourselves in a way that is truly authentic to ourselves.  As we serve others and let people know they are not alone.  We represent a piece of who God is and what Jesus Christ himself would do.  Every son, daughter, cisgender, transgender, intersex, gender queer, heterosexual, and homosexual child of God is a beautiful image of who our heavenly parents are and their infinite and divine capacity to love and embrace every single one of us.  The world needs more love not more misunderstanding.  You all bring the world closer to a Zion-like society as you expand everyone's capacity to love and support one another.  There is still a lot of work to do, let us all work hard to lift up the heavy hand.  To give of our substance to those in need.  Instead of quibbling over how a person should dress or how a person should live their life let's try expound love instead of judgement. In the end we are all trying our best to live a life that holds no regrets.

I added this video because it is a fun song about letting out what truly makes you amazing!  (I do believe most of the people in this video are transgender although there is also a drag queen)

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