Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Far Between Movie

When I was in the first stages of coming out I was a mess of emotions.  These emotions included fear, dread, and hope that somehow everything will get better.  I felt lonely and I wasn't sure who to turn too.  It was then that I found a series of videos on YouTube that were done by Far Between that I started feeling less alone and more hopeful.  One of the first ones was the BYU It Gets Better video.

I found out later that this video was done by the makers of Far Between.  But when I was watching it over two years ago.  I felt hopeful, I finally knew there were other people like me and that maybe, just maybe, I would get through this and figure out who I was and who God wanted me to become.

This next video is a compilation of LDS Family members and allies of LGBT people.  It too helped me during many dark times when I was still closeted and scared of other people knowing about me.

As I watched more of these videos, they continued to help me understand myself as I learned about other people's experiences both similar and different from mine.  All in all, I received a lot of support and help through the Far Between Project.  I have grown and continue to grow each and everyday, and I have the many people in these videos to thank for their courage and love in sharing their stories.  I am incredibly grateful and indebted to each and everyone of you.

The culmination of these years of videos and work have come down to a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make the Far Between Movie.  The Kickstarter video is below.

I hope with all my heart that this new documentary can help change the discussion about Mormonism and being LGBTQIA.  I hope that through these unfiltered views and experiences which come from all sides that a conversation can be started.  The conversation is already starting and in a lot of cases it has devolved into shouting matches between two camps.  This animosity has left a lot of the vulnerable in the middle and very sadly has led to many not being here today.  It is my hope that this new documentary can help bring people together and hopefully bring us closer to where God wants all of us to be in regards to loving and understanding one another.

If you can donate, please do!  If not, please share this Kickstarter campaign and together we may be able to catalyze a compassionate conversation that is so desperately needed.  This is the link for the Kickstarter campaign  and Far Between's website.


  1. And where do you think God wants all of us to be? I am happy to accept that for some a celibate life alone is the right thing for them, or even a mixed orientation marriage as long as both spouses are aware and willing. What I don't see from the institutional Church is any willingness to accept that same-sex marriage is a legitimate and moral option for some. LDS dominated Utah is fighting tooth and nail to make my same-sex marriage illegitimate. Short of some startling revelation from the prophet (which is unlikely) there will always be stark differences between the two sides that will be impossible reconcile. I fully understand where the LDS Church is coming from but that doesn't change the fact that I cannot and never will be a member in good standing as long as I am married and faithful to my husband. The video is a nice idea but it will never change that central fact.

  2. Edward, thank you for commenting on my post. To answer your first question. I do not know, that is up to the person and God to figure out. I too am happy to accept a person's decisions they make with their own life if they are open and honest with God and the people in their life about those decisions and the implications that those decisions entail.

    I understand where you are coming from and the pain you feel as you see the church fight against your family. I too am married to a wonderful man. He is the love of my life. I came to the decision to marry a man because of promptings I received from Holy Ghost who also led me to my husband. I am currently excommunicated from the church. I plan on writing more about the experience in later posts.

    Because of my faith in God I always sought His will. This seeking led me on the path I am on now. I have been told by many people that I must be led by the devil to have felt such promptings, but I know personally that they are from God because of the good fruit which has come from it. Fruit which I am sure you have experienced in your life as well.

    The reason why I feel this documentary would be important is because unlike other minority groups in the country. LGBTQIA children are not all born from people like them. They are mainly the offspring of heterosexual people some of whom are incredibly harmful toward LGBTQIA people. My hope is that this video will provide another way for parents to come to a greater understanding of their children and maybe even a greater acceptance. I am promoting this not only for myself as an excommunicated member of the church but also for them. Those children, who I am sure like you and me, feel utter loneliness and helplessness because of the ostracism they experience because of their sexuality. The fear they feel about coming out and being thrown out by their families. If through my donation I can help out just one of them it would be worth any sum of money. I do not know your personal story but what I do know is the need I feel to help out those who need help in whatever way I can. This is why I am encouraging others to donate to this project because hopefully it will help those who need it.

    Going back to the church. I do not know God's plans in all this. What I do know is that God will reveal nothing unless the members are willing to receive it. For years leaders of the church said that African Americans will never receive the priesthood and won't be able to participate in temple ordinances. This was happening all the way up to the year it did change. God is moving many people on this issue both inside and outside of the church. I know that you and I are a small part in a larger movement that is leading to something truly amazing.

    I encourage you Edward to continue to strive to be the best man you can be, for yourself, your husband, and for others. I know that through your example and the example of countless others we all can help make this world a better place. A place I feel personally that God will be pleased with.

  3. Lance, thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind reply. I was skeptical about what good this movie might do but you made me reconsider. By their fruits ye shall know them. My best to you and your husband.